About the JC Revenue Filter

Use this form (accessed by selecting the Item, Bill Type and Department Filter option from the Options menu in JC Revenue Projections) to restrict the display of contract items in the JC Revenue Projections grid. This can be most useful when working in large batches with differing bill types. For example, if you only want to work with progress items, you can filter by the 'Progress' bill type. Then, as you pull up each contract in the batch, only those contract items flagged with a 'Progress' bill type will display in the grid.

When setting your filter criteria, you will have the option to restrict by department, contract item and/or bill type. If you wish to restrict by department or contract item only, you can specify the department or item range and set the bill type restriction to 'All' (Progress, T&M, Both, and None). This will pull in all items within the specified department and/or contract ranges, regardless of their bill type. If you wish to restrict by bill type only, then you would leave the beginning/ending department and contract item inputs null and set the bill type restriction as desired (e.g. 'Progress' or 'T&M and Both').

Note: The filter feature works independently of the initialization feature, so restricting contract items from display does not restrict those same items from initialization.  

JC Revenue Projections