Adjusted Units

Enabled for non-LS items only.

If projection values (Adjusted Units/Dollars, Projected Units/Dollars) are not 0.00, enter the number of units by which to adjust (increase or decrease) the current projected units. If you initialized projections, units will default based on the projection method specified during initialization (e.g. if projection method is 'Billed Units and Dollars', this amount will be the total billed units through the month and date specified for this contract item).

If projection values are 0.00, enter the final projected units for this contract item. For example, if current units are 2000.000 and the final projected units are 4000.000, enter 4000.000 here. Remaining projection values will be calculated accordingly.

Note: Once you plug a value, remaining projection values are recalculated accordingly, and a checkmark appears in the P column (right) to indicate the values are plugged.  

JC Revenue Projections