Enter any notes specific to this revenue projection and contract item. Notes entered here are stored in the JCCI (Contract Items) table, and will therefore be included in any future revenue projections for this contract item. For tracking and identification purposes, it is recommended that you include the date at the beginning or ending of the note.

For additional space in which to write more detailed notes, double-click on this field. The JC Notes window displays, allowing you virtually unlimited space for your notes and information. There is however, a maximum allowance of 8k.

Standard notes (set up in HQ Standard Note) can be added if applicable. Make sure focus is in the Notes field, then move to any gray area on the screen and right mouse click. From the displayed list, select the Add Std Note option, which will bring up the Standard Note Copy window. Enter the note you wish to copy (use F4 for a list of standard notes), and click OK to add the note to this field.

Tip: To use the 'Tab' feature (such as to indent the first line of a paragraph or create columns), you will need to press 'Ctrl + Tab' for each tab increment.  

JC Revenue Projections