About the JC Budget Codes Form

Use this form to create and maintain budget codes.

Generally budget codes are created for commonly used detail lines, for example craft classes (e.g. foreman, journeyman, apprentice, etc.), types of equipment, and materials. By setting up a variety of budget codes, you can have your job budgets provide as much detail as necessary.

Budget codes can be used when doing the following:

  • Cost Projections - You can add a budget code to a cost projection detail on a phase/cost type (PM Cost ProjectionsProjection Detail tabBudget Code field, or JC Cost ProjectionProjection Detail tabBudget Code field).

  • Project Budgets - You can assign a budget code in PM Project Budgets .

Note that the PM Billing and Cost Rate IDs form and JC Budget Codes form are linked. The JC Budget Codes form and PM Billing Cost Rate IDs form share a common table. This means when you add, delete, or change a record in the JC Budget Codes or PM Billing Cost Rate IDs form, the other form is automatically updated.

About the JC Cost Projections Form

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