Activate Time Stamp Feature for Projection Notes

Check this box to activate the time stamp feature on projection notes. Notes entered on a projection will include the date, time, and user that entered the note, but the note cannot be edited once it has been saved.

The selection in this box will impact the JC Cost Projections > Notes tab.

This option only impacts JC Cost Projections

There are cost projection settings on both the JC Company Parameters and PM Company Parameters forms. If you change an option on one form, the other form will notbe impacted. For example if you make a change to the PM Company Parameters form, the JC Company Parameters form is not impacted. This allows you to maintain separate configurations for JC Cost Projections and PM Cost Projections.

There are two versions of the cost projections feature.

  • Legacy - Prior to the version 6.8 release, all cost projections were processed using the JC Cost Projections form.

  • Enhanced - Starting in version 6.8, the application also includes an enhanced version of the cost projections process in the PM module. More

    You can continue using the JC Cost Projections form, or you can transition to the new PM Cost Projections process.

JC Company Parameters

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