Allow Jobs to be in Multiple Open Batches in the Same Month

Although not recommended, checking this option allows the same job to be opened in multiple projection batches in the same month without affecting another user’s work. You should only check this option if you have users (e.g. project managers working on large jobs) that need to do projections within their area of work at the same time. However, if you elect to use this feature, be aware that if more than one user posts to the same phase/cost type, the last batch posted will determine the final values for the phase/cost type.

Leave this box unchecked to restrict jobs from being added to multiple open projection batches in the same month. Jobs may only be added to a projection batch if they do not already exist in another open projection batch in the same month.

This option only impacts JC Cost Projections

There are cost projection settings on both the JC Company Parameters and PM Company Parameters forms. If you change an option on one form, the other form will not be impacted. For example if you make a change to the PM Company Parameters form, the JC Company Parameters form is not impacted. This allows you to maintain separate configurations for JC Cost Projections and PM Cost Projections.

There are two versions of the cost projections feature.

  • Legacy - Prior to the version 6.8 release, all cost projections were processed using the JC Cost Projections form.

  • Enhanced - Starting in version 6.8, the application also includes an enhanced version of the cost projections process in the PM module. More

    You can continue using the JC Cost Projections form, or you can transition to the new PM Cost Projections process.

About the JC Company Parameters Form