Attach Batch Reports to HQ Batch Control

Check this box if the batch reports should be attached to the batch record that displays in the HQ Batch Control form.

The reports are stored using the Attachment Storage Location and Subdirectory Structure parameters defined in DM Attachment Options.

  • The system will attempt to export batch reports before posting the batch. If the export is successful, it will then post the batch. However, if errors occur for any batch report, the system will display an error message and abort the posting process. You will need to correct the error before you can revalidate and post the batch.

  • Because you can secure audit reports (in VA Report Security), access to attachments generated through this process is restricted to HQ Batch Control. If you have secured the HQ Batch Control form, users will only be able to access batch reports if they have access to HQ Batch Control. Unlike regular attachments, indexes are not created for batch report attachments and you cannot access them using DM Attachment Search.


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