GL Material Interface

Enter the type of GL update that will occur when posting material use transactions.

  • No Update - GL entries created when posting material use will not be interfaced to GL.

  • Summary- Material use entries will be summarized and one entry will be posted to GL for each unique GL account. Enter the description that will be used for each of these transactions in the Summary GL Description field below. Also, select items for the detail description. Even though the summary is chosen here, if an account is set up in the Chart of Accounts for interface detail, then that account will receive detail entries.

  • Detail- For each unique GL account that occurs in a transaction, one GL entry will be posted. In the selection box below, highlight each of the details to include in the GL transaction description. As you highlight an item, it is added to the description line to the right. When posting transactions, the system will extract this data to create the transaction description. Available fields are:

Note: Fields can be selected in any order, and the GL transaction description will appear in the same order in GL.  

JC Company Parameters