About the JC Insurance Template Form

Use this program to set up insurance templates.

These templates are used to define the worker’s compensation insurance codes to be assigned by phase. These will only be used if the Insurance Based on Phase or SM Work Order Scope checkbox in the PR Company Parameters program is selected.

Using the Phases tab, set up all applicable phases and insurance codes. You can set phases and insurance codes up manually or using JC Ins Template Initialize (accessed by selecting the Initialize Phases option, File menu). For more information about initializing phases, see Initialize Phases in Related Topics below.

Note: If you use non-standard phases (third part of phase code), assigning insurance codes at the template level may not be practical; instead, assign insurance codes to phase in JC Job Phases or PM Projects.

Phases not assigned an insurance code in JC Job Phases/PM Project Phases or on an insurance template will use the insurance code assigned to the employee.

Once templates are set up, they can be assigned to jobs in JC Jobs. This allows for differences by area, such as by state.

Initialize Phases

Copy Template

Multi-State Processing