About the JC Metric Conversions Form

This program contains the conversion factors (multipliers) needed to determine the imperial (inch/pound)-to-metric equivalents, and metric-to-imperial equivalents.

For each applicable standard unit of measure (defined in HQ Units of Measure), you assign the metric counterpart and define the appropriate conversion factors. Metric units of measure must be set up in HQ Units of Measure before they can be used in this program.

Metric units of measure are as follows:

ha  = hectare

L  = liter

kg  = kilogram

km  = kilometer

m  = meter

m2  = square meter

m3  = cubic meter

mm  = millimeter

mm2  = square millimeter

t  = metric ton

If unit prices are assigned to Standard Item Codes and a contract is set up to use metric units of measure, then the default unit price will be converted when a contract item is added.

This table may also be used when writing a report that includes job cost quantities. Units that are recorded in the Job Cost as imperial/English units could be converted to metric on specific reports.