Create and Send a Custom Addendum

You can create and send a custom addendum to a message sent to potential bidders for a bid package using the PC Create and Send form.

In order to compose a message you must have first set up a bid package and created a list of potential bidders for that bid package.
The following steps will guide you through the process of composing a custom addendum message and sending it to selected vendors on your bid list.
  1. From PC Potential Projects or PC Bid Package, click the Message icon in toolbar.

  2. Select Create without a Template . This will open PC Create and Send.
  3. If the addendum is related to a bid package, check the Related to Bid Package box and then enter a bid package in the field. This will filter the vendors that display in the Bid List grid so that only potential bidders on the selected bid package will display.
    Note: If you accessed this form from PC Bid Package, the Related to Bid Package checkbox will be disabled and a bid package will be selected.
  4. Filter the vendors that display in the Bid List section by entering search criteria into the Bid List Filter Criteria section and then clicking Filter . This will make it easier to find the vendors that should receive the addendum.
  5. Add vendors to the To list. Highlight the vendors that should receive the addendum in the Bid List section and click the Add button. This will add the vendors to the To list.
    Note: Use SHIFT to highlight a consecutive list or CTRL for specific selections. You can also click Add All to add all vendors in the Bid List to the To list.
  6. To add additional vendors using different search criteria, click the Clear button and then enter new search criteria into the fields, highlight additional vendors, and click the Add button.
    Note: To remove vendors from the To list, highlight the vendor and click Remove . You can also click Remove All to remove all vendors from the list.
  7. Open the Message tab and enter the email address where replies should be sent in the Reply To Email field.
  8. Complete the Subject and Message fields.
    Note: You can spell check the message by focusing on the Message field, right clicking the mouse, and selecting Spelling .
  9. Open the Attachments tab and check the box next to an attachment to include it with the message. The Attachments tab is used to add attachments to the email.
    Note: You can view an attachment by selecting the attachment and clicking View Attachment.
  10. Once everything is complete, click the Send button. The system will email/fax messages to each recipient in the list and display a message indicating that your messages have been sent.
    Note: Once all messages have been sent and/or printed, the recipients are cleared from the To list on the Recipients tab.
  11. Click Close.