Copy a Bid Package

Follow the steps below to copy a bid package.

  1. Open PC Copy Bid Package.
  2. Enter the bid package you would like to copy in the Copy From section.
  3. Enter where the copied bid package should be saved in the Copy To section.
    Note: You cannot use the copy feature to overwrite or add information to an existing bid package, so you cannot select an existing bid package in the Destination Bid Package field.
  4. Select the information on the bid package that you would like to copy using the check boxes in the Copy To section.
    Note: The Copy Info box will always be checked and disabled. Everything on the Info tab will be copied except the Bid Due and Walk-Thru information.
  5. Click Copy when complete to copy the bid package. A message will display telling you that the copy was successful.
  6. Return to the Bid Packages tab of PC Potential Projects and click the Refresh icon to view the copied bid package.