Maintain Vendor Bids

You can use the Bid Coverage tab on the PC Bid Coverage form to maintain vendor bids for a potential project.

Follow the steps below to maintain vendor bids using the Bid Coverage tab.

  1. Use the Bid Response field to record the bid response. This will change the color of the row to help you organize the vendor bids.
  2. When you receive a bid from a vendor, check the Bid Received box and enter the Bid Amount
    Note: You will not be able to check the Bid Received box if 'No Response' is selected in the Bid Response field. To enter the bid, change the Bid Response field to 'Will Bid' and then enter the bid information.
  3. To award a bid, check the Bid Awarded box. When a PM module project is created from this potential project using the PC Create PM Project form, the amount on the awarded bid can be used to generate subcontract detail.
    Note: When creating a PM module project using a PC potential project, you can create PM subcontract detail using the awarded bids. Click here for more information.