Copy to a New Potential Project

Follow the steps below to create a new potential project and copy information into that record using data that has already been entered into an existing potential project.

  1. Enter the potential project that you would like to copy in the Potential Project to Copy field, or press F4 to select it from a list.
  2. Check Copy to new Potential Project to create a new potential project based on the copied information.
  3. Enter the potential project id for the new project that you are creating in the ID field. This must be a unique id since you are creating a new potential project.
  4. Enter the name of the new potential project into the Name field. The Name field will initially populate with the name of the potential project being copied, but it can be changed if it doesn't apply.
  5. Select the information that should be copied over to the new potential project by checking the boxes in the Items to Copy section. Each box in the section represents a tab on PC Potential Projects.
  6. Click the Copy button when complete to create the new potential project.
  7. If the copy is successful, an information window will display asking if you would like to open PC Potential Projects and view the new potential project. Click Yes to open the form.