Create a PM Project and Select an Existing PM Contract

Follow the steps below to create a PM project from a PC potential project, but using an existing PM contract.

  1. Open the potential project that will be used to create the new project in PC Potential Projects.
  2. Click on the Tasks icon on the main toolbar and select Create PM Project. This will open PC Create PM Project. This option will be disabled if the PM project has already been created.
    Note: You can only access PC Create PM Project if you have form security set up to add records to PM Projects. Form security is set up using VA Form Security .
  3. Enter the project number of the new project in the Project field.
  4. Enter a description of the project in the Description field.
  5. Enter an existing PM contract number in the Contract field or press F4 to select it from a list. The Description and Department fields will populate based on the selected contract.
    Note: The selected contract must have an open or pending status.
  6. The Create Subcontract Detail and Cost Type fields are used to create subcontract detail from the vendor bids on the potential project.
    Note: To create subcontract detail, check the Create Subcontract Detail box and enter a cost type in the Cost Type field. This will create a subcontract detail item for each vendor bid with the Bid Awarded box checked on the Bid Coverage tab of PC Potential Projects. The Bid Amount field on the Bid Coverage tab will become the subcontract detail amount. If a bid amount is not set, the subcontract detail will be created with a zero amount and you can use PM Subcontract Detail to update the subcontract detail after it is created. By default, the subcontract detail will be assigned a lump sum unit of measure. For information on creating subcontract detail after the PM project has been created from a potential project, click here.
  7. Check the Assign PM Firm Contacts box to copy any PM module firm contacts set up on the potential project as project team members to the new project. These PM contacts will be added to the new project and can be viewed using the Firms tab on PM Projects once the new project is created.
  8. Click OK to create the new project.
  9. An information window will open displaying the number of subcontract detail items that were created. Click Yes to open PM Projects and view the new project.
  10. Once the PM project is created, a link to the PC module potential project will be added to the top of PM Projects, and a link to the new PM project will be added to the top of PC Potential Projects. The Potential Projects field on the Info tab of PM Contracts will also populate with the new project number.
    Note: If you created subcontract detail using the awarded bids, you can view that detail using PM Subcontract Detail. Click here for an overview of the subcontract buyout process in the PM module.