Adding phases to scopes

You can add phases to scopes using the PC Add Phases to Scopes form.

  1. Select a scope code in the Scope field or press F4 to select one from a list. By default, this field will populate with the scope code selected in PC Scope IDs when the form was launched but you can change it if it does not apply.
  2. Highlight the phases you would like to add to the scope code in the grid. Use SHIFT to select a consecutive list or CTRL to make select specific phases.
    Note: You cannot add the same phase to multiple scope codes. If you need to reassign a phase to a different scope, you must first delete it from the original scope it was assigned to before you can assign it to the new scope.
  3. Click the Add to Scope button to add the phase codes to the selected scope. The added phases will be removed from the grid and added to the scope on the Phases tab of PC Scope IDs.
  4. Once the desired phases have been added, click Close to exit.