Close Date

Specify the close date for all purchase orders in this batch.

Once you have entered the close date, click the Update button. The system will pull in all purchase orders that meet the selection criteria, and whose Received and Invoiced amounts are equal, and display them on the grid below. If you do not want a specific purchase order to be included in the close, click the row it is on and press the delete key. This will remove the purchase order from the close batch only.

Once you have reviewed all purchase orders on the grid and made the necessary deletions, click the Close POs button to finish the close process. The close process will set all Backordered amounts to 0.00, relieve any Remaining Committed Units and Costs in Job Cost, and On Order units in Inventory. The PO’s status is then set to Closed, and the MthClosed is updated with the specified close date.

PO Close