About the PO Item Distribution Form

Use this form to distribute PO items to multiple lines. This gives you the ability to redirect the costs on a PO item to a different job, phase, or cost type when it is received.

Click here for an overview of the PO Item Distribution feature.

When using this form you should consider the following:

  • PO Item Distribution is not a batch process - Many of the forms in PO module are batch processes (PO Receipts Entry, PO Purchase Order Entry, PO Change Order Entry, etc.), but the PO Item Distribution form is not. Use this form to immediately update and maintain PO item lines.

  • PO item information is display only - The fields on the Info tab in the upper portion of the form display the PO item information. The values in these fields cannot be changed.

  • PO item line 1 information is display only - The system automatically creates PO item line 1 when the PO item is created, and this is the line that is updated when new item distributions or change orders are entered. You cannot manually change PO line 1 using the lower portion of the form.

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PO Item Distribution Overview

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