Pay Category

Enter a pay category or press F4 to select one from a list. Pay categories are created and maintained using AP Pay Category .

This field defaults a pay category based on the following:

  • If you have set up a standard or user pay category override in F3 Properties (not recommended), defaults the F3 pay category.

  • If no F3 override exists, defaults the pay category specified for the current user in VA User Profile.

  • If no override pay category is specified for the user, defaults the pay category defined in AP Company Parameters.

  • If no default pay category is defined for the company, default will be null. (In this case, the pay type will default from AP Company Parameters based on the line's type.)

Note: The pay category specified here will override any defaults set by F3, VA User Profile, or AP Company Parameters when the purchase order is invoiced in AP Transaction Entry.

This field is enabled only if you are using pay categories and entering pay types on purchase orders.

Note: Pay categories are used if the Using Payable Category box on AP Company Parameters is checked, and the Specify Pay Type during PO entry box is checked on PO Company Parameters .