Destination PO

Once you identify the source PO, specify the destination PO.

Enter a new purchase order or one existing in the current batch. If entering a new purchase order, and are using the 'auto generate' feature (flag in PO Company Parameters), entering 'NEW' or '+' will allow the system to auto assign the next sequential number available (based on the Last PO# in the company file).

After the destination PO is entered, the header fields automatically default information from the source PO (i.e. vendor, description, ordered by, JC Co, job, IN Co, and location). You can change the defaults as necessary, and specify whether to copy the header notes and/or user memos. If there are no user memo fields on the Memos tab (of header), the Clear User Memos option is set to N (unchecked) and disabled. If you are copying to a purchase order in the current batch, these fields will default from the destination purchase order and are disabled.