Add a Line

Follow the steps below to add a new distribution line to a PO item.

  1. From the PO Item Distribution form, use the PO and PO Item fields to select a PO and PO item.
  2. Enter the month that the PO item distribution should be posted to using the JC Month field. For more information about this field, see the F1 help.
  3. The Info tab in the upper portion of the form will display the PO item information. The information in these fields cannot be changed.
  4. The Grid tab in the lower portion of the form displays the PO item lines that have already been added to the PO item. The system automatically creates PO item line 1 when the PO item is created, and this is the line that is updated when new item distributions or change orders are entered. You cannot manually change line 1 - the system automatically updates it.
  5. To enter a new item distribution, enter a "+" in the Line field.
  6. Select the type of PO item line that you would like to create in the Type drop down. The selection determines which fields will display in the lower portion of the form.
    Note: Purchase order items distributed to an SM work order (line type 6-SM Work Order) will automatically generate a work completed purchase line (type 5-Purchase) for the specified work order (in SM Work Orders, Work Completed tab).
  7. Complete the remaining fields in the lower portion of the form. Entering line information is very similar to entering PO item information.
  8. Click the Save icon when complete to save the new PO distribution line.
  9. Open the Grid tab and select the line 1 distribution.
  10. The system has updated PO line 1 based on the line that you just created. For example if line 1 had 100 units and you just created a new line that redistributes 25 of those units to a different job, line 1 will now have 75 units that are still associated with the original job.