Close POs

Follow the steps below to select and then close POs.

  1. Open the PO Close form. This is a batch process, so you will have to select an existing PO Close batch or create a new one before the form will open.
  2. Select the POs that you would like to close using the fields in the Select POs to Close section. For example, if you would like to close the POs associated with a specific vendor, check the Restrict by Vendor box and then select the vendor in the Vendor field.
Note: If you do no select any of the options, the system will select all PO’s that are eligible to be closed.
Check the Include open standing POs box if you would like to close open standing POs (non-LS POs with 0.00 units) without first marking them as complete. Click here for more information about this field.

Check the Include POs with Backorders box if you would like to close purchase orders with remaining backorder units/amounts. Click here for information about this field.

  1. Enter the close date of the POs in the Close Date field. Click here for more information about this field.
  2. Click the Update button when complete. All of the POs that match the criteria will display in the lower portion of the form.
  3. Remove any POs that should not be closed from the lower portion of the form. Highlight the row that contains the PO and press DELETE. This will remove the PO from the PO Close batch; it will not delete the PO.
    Note: You can also click the Cancel button to remove all of the POs from the lower portion of the form. For example if you accidentally enter the wrong criteria and you don't want to remove the POs from the batch individually.
  4. Click the Close POs button. This will open the PO Batch Process form.
  5. The PO Batch Process form is used to validate the POs included in the batch, generate audit reports, and then close the POs. Click here for more information about this form.
  6. Once the PO Close batch has been processed, the close process will set all Backordered amounts to 0.00, relieve any Remaining Committed Units and Costs in Job Cost, and On Order units in Inventory. The PO’s status is then set to Closed, and the Month Closed is updated with the selected close date.
Note: Any PO closed in the PO Close form may be reopened by changing the status from “Closed” to “Open” in Purchase Order Entry. Be aware however, that reopening a purchase order does not reset any of the backordered units or costs, remaining committed costs, or on order units to the amounts that existed prior to closing the purchase order. Original, current, received, total, and invoiced amounts will still show pre-existing amounts.