Pay Type/Pay Category

If entry of pay types with purchase orders is allowed (i.e. you have checked the Specify Pay Type during PO Entry box in PO Company Parameters), the Items section (of PO Purchase Order Entry) will include an input for pay type.

The pay type defaults based on the line type specified. For example, when entering a Job line, the default is the standard job expense pay type from AP Company Parameters. If you are also using pay categories ( Using Payable Category box is checked in AP Company Parameters), the pay type default is based on the pay category and the line type.

As with pay types, pay category defaults are determined by the line type. However, since there are multiple places from which a pay category can default, the following hierarchy is used to determine which default to use:

  • If you have set up a standard or user pay category override in the F3 Properties window (not recommended), the pay category will default from the F3 setup.

  • IF no F3 override exists, the pay category will default as specified for the current user in VA User Profile.

  • If no override is defined for the user, the pay category will default from AP Company Parameters.

  • If no default is defined for the company, the pay category will default as null.

Once the pay category is determined, the pay type will automatically default from the pay category based on the line type. In the case where pay category defaults are not defined (as specified above), the system uses the standard pay type default specified in AP Company Parameters.

Note: The pay category and/or pay type specified for the purchase order will override any defaults set by F3, VA User Profile, or AP Company Parameters when the purchase order is invoiced in AP Transaction Entry.