JC Cost Type

This field only displays if the line type is 6-SM Work Order and you specified a job-related SM work order.

Enter the JC cost type (from JC Cost Types) for this purchase order item. Initially defaults as follows:

  • If you specified an SM Cost Type for the purchase order item, this field defaults the JC Cost Type assigned to the SM Cost Type (in SM Cost Types).

  • If a JC Cost Type is not specified for the SM Cost Type or you did not enter an SM Cost Type, this field defaults the Matl CT from HQ Materials for the material specified on the purchase order.

  • If no Matl CT is specified for the material, this field defaults as blank.

    Note: The system will assign this cost type to the work completed purchase line generated (during the batch process) for this PO item. Edits to this cost type can only be made at the PO item level; they cannot be made at the work completed purchase line level.Locked Phases vs. Non-Locked Phases

    If the job specified for the work order is locked (i.e. the Phases on this job are locked box is checked in JC Jobs), the cost type specified here must be set up for the job/phase in JC Job Phases. If the cost type is not set up for the job phase, you can add it by pressing F5 from this field to access JC Job Phases. Once you exit JC Job Phases, you can enter the cost type here.

    If the job is not locked (i.e. the Phases on this job are locked box is not checked in JC Jobs), you can use any cost type defined for the phase in JC Job Phases or JC Phases.