Pay Type

This field is only enabled if the Specify Pay Type during PO Entry box is checked in PO Company Parameters.

Enter the pay type for this purchase order item or accept the default. Default is determined as follows:

  • If you are using pay categories (Use Payable Category box checked in AP Company Parameters), this field will default the pay type from this line's pay category based on the line type:

    • Job - Uses the Job pay type.

    • Inventory, Expense, Equipment, and EM Work Order - Uses the Expense pay type.

    • SM Work Order - Uses the SM Work Order pay type.

      The default may be overridden; however, the pay type must be either assigned to the specified pay category (in AP Pay Category) or an 'unassigned' pay type (a pay type that has not been restricted to a pay category in AP Payable Types).

  • If you are not using pay categories, default will be the standard pay type from AP Company based on the line type. May be overridden.

    Note: The pay type specified here will override any defaults set by F3, VA User Profile, or AP Company Parameters when the purchase order is invoiced in AP Transaction Entry.

PO Purchase Order Entry