This field indicates the current status of the purchase order. When adding a new purchase order, this field defaults to “Open”.

  • Open - Can make changes, and post receipts and invoices against a PO with this status.

  • Complete - PO is complete and no changes or posting should be allowed.

  • Closed - This status can only be assigned by closing the PO using PO Close. Committed costs/units are relieved, and inventory adjusted as needed. You cannot make changes to purchase orders flagged as “Closed.” This includes change orders.

Note: Closed PO’s may be reopened, with the exception of a job PO where the job has been closed. If you change the status of a closed PO to 'Open' (or 'Complete'), when the batch is posted, the MthClosed will be set to null, and the status updated to 0 (Open) or 1 (Complete) in the POHD (PO Header) table. If there are any records created to relieve backorder amounts on the PO, the status cannot be changed.

PO Purchase Order Entry