About Receiving in the PO Module

Once the PO item lines have been created using the PO Item Distribution form, you can enter receipts on them using either of these forms.

  • PO Initialize Receipts - Use this form to enter a large number of receipts.

  • PO Receipts Entry - Use this form to edit the receipts entered using the PO Initialize Receipts form, edit or delete receipts that have been posted, or enter individual receipts. This form also has a Tasks drop down that provides access to the PO Item Distribution form. This allows you to quickly create new PO item lines and then receive them.

When entering receipts, you are entering receipts on the PO item lines, not on the PO items. Changes to the units/amount received, and the backordered units/amount will affect the PO item line.

Click here for general information on receiving in the PO module.