About Manually Assigning Reviewers

You can manually assign "Active" reviewers (setup in the HQ Reviewers form) to any requisition line, regardless of whether you have set the company flags to require approval before adding requisition lines to a quote and/or purchase order.

If you have assigned a default reviewer in PO Company Parameters (Requisition Info), that reviewer will be assigned automatically to each line added to a requisition, in addition to any default reviewers that may be assigned at the job, IN location, and/or EM department levels.

Note: Reviewers assigned at these levels only apply to job, inventory, and equipment lines, respectively.

You can add, change, or delete reviewers on the Reviewers tab as desired. Keep in mind that if you have set the company flags to require approval of requisitions, you must assign at least one reviewer to each line. Otherwise, the requisition line will not go through the approval process and therefore, cannot be added to a quote or purchase order (as appropriate). If the company flags are set to not require approval, assignment of reviewers is strictly optional; however, if you do assign a reviewer, the line must be approved before it can be added to a quote or purchase order.

Note: Reviewers cannot be added, changed, or deleted from requisition lines that have already been added to a purchase order.

When you add reviewers to a requisition line, the Status is set to 'New' and the Assigned Date defaults to the current date. Once the line is approved or rejected (in PO Requisition Reviewer), the Status and Review Date are updated accordingly. If the line was rejected, the rejection reason entered by the reviewer will display in the Description column.