If you are adding a new requisition and are using the 'auto-generate' numbers feature, enter 'N', 'New' or '+' to have the system assign the next available requisition number (based on the Last Used RQ # in PO Company Parameters).

If you are not using the 'auto-generate' feature, enter a requisition number (or alphanumeric code) up to 10 characters.

Note: Requisition numbers may be assigned manually, regardless of whether you are using the auto-generate feature. However, if using both methods, be aware that manually assigned numbers do not update the Last Used RQ # field. If the 'auto-generate' process encounters an existing number, it will pull up the existing requisition. You will need to enter 'N', 'New', or '+' to start a new requisition with the next available number.

PO Requisition Entry

Creating Requisitions - Overview