Vendor Matl #

Enter the vendor’s identification number for this material, if applicable. Press F4 for a list of vendor material numbers.

Note: When using the F4 lookup, sort by the HQMT Material column. This enables the standard and substitute vendor materials to be grouped together for selection.

If you have set up vendor overrides for the specified HQ material (PO Vendor Materials), this field will automatically default the vendor material ID# assigned in PO Vendor Materials, if one was specified. If one was not specified, and you enter one here, it is not updated to the PO Vendor Materials file; you will need to enter it manually.

Because the vendor’s material ID# is used as a cross-reference to the HQ material, you can enter this number if you do not know the HQ material number, and the HQ material number will be provided. This feature is only applicable to materials set up in PO Vendor Materials.

You can also enter the vendor material ID# for any substitute materials that may have been set up for the HQ material in PO Vendor Materials, and have the HQ material number provided.

Note: Vendor material numbers are not validated.

PO Requisition Entry

Creating Requisitions - Overview