Detail Level GL Description

Using the selection box to the right, indicate the fields you want included as part of the GL transaction description each time a detailed expense PO entry is interfaced to GL. Available fields are:

  • Vendor#

  • SortName

  • Receiver#

  • ReceiptDate

  • PO#

  • POItem

  • Trans#

Items will be added to the description in the order they are selected. To remove an item from the description, unselect the item. When the GL entry is made, the system pulls the data from each of the fields and creates the description from the information.

Note: If the Interface Detail box is checked for the GL account (in GL Chart of Accounts), this description will be used when receiving PO's with an Expense line type only—all other line types will use the GL description specified in AP Company Parameters. However, if the Interface Detail box is not checked, this description will be used for all PO line types.

PO Company Parameters