About Using Substitute Materials

Sometimes a vendor may carry several products (each with its own identification number) that can be used as substitutes when a specific material is not available (for example, interchangeable filters from several different manufacturers).

These substitute materials can be set up for the HQ material using the Substitute Materials tab.

For each substitute material, specify its material identification number and a description of the material. When entering a purchase order item (PO Purchase Order Entry), if a HQ Material has not been entered, but a Vendor Material ID has, the first occurrence of that number as a primary Vendor Material or Substitute will provide the HQ material number.

For example, you purchase a case of filters from a specific manufacturer, and the vendor sends a case of substituted filters. If you do not know the HQ Material number, enter the Vendor Material # when setting up the purchase order item. The system searches for the first occurrence of the Material ID number, whether it is set up as a cross-reference or substitute, and will provide the corresponding HQ material number in the Material field.

Note: Substitute materials are not validated, nor are they checked for uniqueness across materials.