Set or Change PO Interface Levels

The following instructions discuss how to set or change PO interface levels.

The Update GL/Sub-Ledgers on Receipt section PO Company Parameters (Info tab) indicates if the system is updating GL accounts and subledgers when you enter and post receipts using PO Receipts Entry or PO Initialize Receipts .

With the exception of the GL Expense Interface group box, the system disables the fields in this section and you can only change the settings via the PO Receipt Expense Initialize form. You can toggle the radio button options in the GL Expense Interface group box on this form if you selected either the Summary or Detail level in PO Receipt Expense Initialize. You cannot change the interface options directly on this form, as it might adversely affect long-standing, open purchase orders.

  1. Select File > Initialize Expenses on Receipt from PO Company Parameters.
This opens the Batch Selection form.
  2. In the Do you want to field, select either the Create a new batch or Use an existing batch option.
  3. If you selected to create a new batch, enter the batch month in the Batch Month field.
    Note: If you selected to use an existing batch, select the batch from the list of Unposted Batches.
  4. Click OK.
 The system displays the PO Receipt Expense Initialize form.
  5. Use PO Receipt Expense Initialize to set interface levels. For more information, see PO Receipt Expense Initialize.
  6. If you set the GL Expense Interface Level to Summary, enter a description in the Summary GL Description field (PO Company Parameters) for the system to use each time it interfaces a summarized expense purchase order to GL.
  7. If you set the GL Expense Interface Level to Detail, select the fields you want to include in the GL transaction description from the Detail Level GL Description selection box. The system uses this description each time it interfaces a detailed expense purchase order enter to GL.
  8. Field names are added to the description in the order that you select them from the selection box. For more information, refer to the F1 help for this field.
  9. In the Accrual Account field, enter the accrual account for updating when the system interfaces Job, Equipment, Inventory, and Expense purchase order transactions to GL.