Direct Deposits: Australia

Direct deposits allow you to transmit payroll earnings through your bank directly to an employee’s bank.

The employee’s earnings are transmitted via a file formatted to the Australian Payments Clearing Association (APCA) rules and regulations.

About Setting up Direct Deposits

Establish an agreement with your bank on their rules, specifications and method for transferring the direct deposit electronically. Set up the bank and company direct deposit information in the CM Accounts form. Enter the employee's direct deposit account information in the PR Employees form (Direct Deposit tab). All net pay is deposited into the specified account, unless additional distributions are set up and active.

About Setting up Additional Distributions

There are two locations where you can set up additional distributions.

The first location is on the Add'l Direct Deposits tab of the PR Employees form. Use the grid to enter additional direct deposit distributions including additional Bank Accounts, and different frequencies and methods. For more information, see Set up Additional Direct Deposits for an Employee.

The second location is the PR Employee Pay Sequence Control form. Before you assign a CM Reference number, and if you select "EFT" in the Payment Method field, you can enter additional direct deposits on the Direct Deposit tab. The total of all direct deposit distributions must equal the net pay, or else you will not be able to close the pay period.

There is not a limit to the number of distributions per employee, but the entire pay amount must be either by check or direct deposit.