Pair Employees to AP Vendors

To make employee expense reimbursement tracking easier, you can opt to create a link by pairing the employee record to a corresponding vendor record in accounts payable.

In order to make the pairing, the Allow Vendors to be added from Payroll check box on the AP Company Parameters form (Audit Options tab) must be selected. If it is not selected, the Vendor field in the PR Employees form is disabled and you cannot proceed with this task.

To link a vendor record (in AP) to an employee record (in PR):
In the PR Employees form, in the Vendor field, enter a number that is not used by any other vendor in the AP Vendors form.

If the check box mentioned above:

  • is not selected, the Vendor field is disabled.

  • is selected, the following occurs when you save the employee record:

    • the system creates the new AP vendor record using the name and contact information from the employee record. See the PR Employees form's Vendor field help for specifics.

    • the AP Vendors form (Payment Method tab) record displays the employee's PRCo and PR Employee field values.

The following video demonstrates this feature. It may be particularly helpful to those without access to both modules (PR and AP).

Note: You must use a browser on your local computer to view this video, and not a browser in the cloud. If you are currently using a cloud-based browser, copy this page's URL and paste it into a web browser on your local computer.