PR Employees Form

Use this form to enter employee information after you have set up all necessary maintenance codes (e.g., PR Company Parameters, PR Earnings Codes, PR Crafts, etc.).

In addition to static information about an employee (e.g., name, address, tax and insurance information, and standard craft and class affiliations), this form contains sensitive information, such as the employee's social security number, wage rates, salary amounts, occupational category and status (for the PR Department of Labor EEO-1 Report), garnishments, and so forth. It is strongly recommended that you implement some form of security to ensure only the appropriate users have access to this information. You can secure the entire form or secure only those tabs containing information you do not want users to see (such as the Add'l Info, Direct Deposit, and Add'l Direct Deposits tab). For more information about setting form or tab level security, see VA Form Security or VA Tab Security.

Some of the information set up here will be used to default values when entering data elsewhere in the system. For example, timecards entered in PR Timecard Entry will default the employee's PR Group, Craft, Class, and Ins Code defined in the Defaults section of this form. You can override these defaults as needed.

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