About the EM Company Parameters Form

Use this form to set up the various control options for equipment processing in a company.

You must use this form to define these options before you begin processing in Equipment Management. Each company number in which Equipment Management processing will occur must be set up here.

It is important that you take time to understand the effects of all choices for each setup question. The options you select will affect which forms you will use, how the forms work, and how other modules such as Payroll and Accounts Payable interact with Equipment Management. It is suggested that you restrict this form so that only the system administrator has access to it.

When you set up a company, the entry of invalid data in certain fields will cause a warning; however, entries will be allowed and you will be able to save the record. This primarily applies to (but is not limited to) required data such as the ‘interface to’ companies and journals, since it is sometimes necessary to set up the company information before you can set up the data being requested.

Note: Once defined, changes are usually rare to these setups. Because changing an option may affect processing or stored information, you should make changes carefully. If you want to change an option but are unsure of its effect on existing data in the system, contact Viewpoint Support.Tasks

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