About the IN Company Parameters Form

Use this form to set up the various control options for each Inventory company before you begin processing in the Inventory module.

The options you select on this form affect the way the Inventory forms work and how other modules such as General Ledger and Job Cost interact with this module. Security access to this form should be restricted to only the system administrator(s).

Set up the following information in these forms in Headquarters (HQ) module:
  • HQ Company Setup – You must first create each company record that you use in the IN Company Parameters form.

  • HQ Units of Measure – Set up the units of measure to use as you sell and buy materials. Units of measure must be set up in this form before conversion and unit price information can be modified for materials in HQ Materials.

  • HQ Material Categories – Set up the different categories that you assign materials to in Inventory.

  • HQ Materials – Set up all materials that you use throughout the software. Make sure you check the Stocked option for each material that you will stock and track in Inventory. If you do not check this option, the material cannot be used in Inventory.

Auto-generating Material Order Numbers

If you want to assign Material order numbers automatically, select the Auto Generate MO#s check box (Info tab).

If you select this check box, the system automatically generates material order numbers based on the number specified in the Last Used MO# field. You must assign this number initially when setting up an Inventory company, but once processing begins, this number is updated each time a material order is entered (IN Material Order Entry). If you manually override a material order number, the system does not update the Last Used MO# field.

If you are using the Project Management module, consider how material order numbers are generated in the PM Company Parameters form. If the P-Project/Sequence option is selected in the MO Number Type drop-down, you should refrain from having IN automatically assign material order numbers. However, if the Auto-Number option is selected, you can use Inventory's 'auto-generate' feature.

Workflow tab

Use this tab to define which workflows should be used in a module and company.

This tab only applies if you have the Workflow module and use the Process Workflow feature.

The workflow processes set up here will override the workflow processes set up using the Workflow tab on the HQ Company Setup form. More

You can also set this up using the Assigned Companies tab on the WF Workflow Process form.

About Changing Settings After Start Up

Once defined, setup options are rarely changed. Because changing an option may affect processing or stored information, changes should be made carefully. If you want to change a setup option but are unsure of its affect on existing data in the system, contact Viewpoint Support to discuss implications.

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