Move Ticket Transactions to a New Batch Month

You can change the batch month for ticket transactions that were posted to the wrong month.

You can change the batch month for tickets that you have already posted, as well as for tickets that you have not yet posted.
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  1. From the main menu, select Material Sales > Programs > MS Ticket Entry.
    The Batch Selection form appears.
  2. Select one of the following:
    • Create a New Batch - Select this option if you do not have an open batch and you need to change the batch month for previously posted transactions.
    • Use an Existing Batch - Select to change the batch month for an existing open batch.
  3. If you selected to create a new batch, use the Batch Month field to enter the batch month (must equal the batch month of the previously posted transactions). If you selected to use an existing batch, select the desired batch from the list of batches in the grid.
    The MS Ticket Entry form appears.
  4. For new and existing batches, if you need to add previously posted transactions to the batch:
    1. Select File > Add Tickets to access the MS Ticket Add Transaction form.
    2. Use the selection criteria to pull in the ticket transactions that were posted to the wrong month.
    3. Click Add to Batch.
      Selected transactions are added to the batch and you are returned to the MS Ticket Entry form.
  5. From the toolbar, select Tasks > Move Transactions to Target Month.
    The MS Move Transactions to Target form appears, providing you with the Source Batch Month and Source Batch ID information.
  6. In the Target Month field, enter the month to which you want to copy/move the source transactions and press Enter.

    You can enter the month and year or enter the month only. If you enter the month only (such as "2"), the system assumes the current year and renders the date accordingly. You can use the up/down arrows to adjust the month/year as needed.

  7. Click Select.
    The system notifies you that all transactions have been successfully moved to the target Batch Month, and that the source Batch Month has been cleared and unlocked.

    The system then asks if you would like to open the target branch.

  8. Click Yes to open the new batch.
    Note: If you click No, you can access the batch later for processing.
  9. Process the batch as normal.
    Important: You must post the batch to successfully change the target month for the selected transactions.