Step 4: View posted projections

The PM Cost Projection History option on the standard PM Work Center allows users to view previously posted projections. For example open a projection that you posted 3 months ago to review the past numbers and look at the progression of your projections over time.

  1. Open a PM Work Center.
  2. Select Items > PM Cost Projection History.

What if this option doesn't display?

The PM Cost Projection History option only displays if either of the following is true:

  • You are using a standard PM Work Center that you added after upgrading to version 6.8.X or higher.

  • You manually added the PMCostProjectionHistory inquiry to your PM Work Center. Click here for information about adding an inquiry to a Work Center.

  1. Select a Project and all of the projections posted to that job will display.
  2. Double click on a cost projections batch to view the projection detail. All of the projection codes in the selected batch will display.