About Attachment Types

Attachment types allow you to group types of documents together, set security, and determine document retention settings.

When storing documents in Vista, you may find it useful to assign attachment types to them. Vista comes with a number of standard attachment types that you can use. They have these functions:

  • They are a high-level way of grouping and organizing related documents, for example AP invoices, payroll time cards, and project documents like RFIs, RFQs, and transmittals.
  • They can be used to establish security. You can use attachment type security to set up security on documents based on the associated attachment type. For example, this allows you to restrict access to the HR Drug Test Results, HR Employment App, and other attachment types that are usually associated with documents that may contain sensitive information. For more information, see Enable Attachment Type Security.

  • They can be used to set up expiration dates on certain kinds of documents. For example if your organization accumulates a lot of invoices, you can have the system purge invoices that are older than a certain date.

You can also create and maintain custom attachment types that meet your organization's needs using the DM Attachment Types form.