Email Integration with Microsoft Outlook

You can index and send emails from Microsoft Outlook to Vista™ by Viewpoint.

You can either attach emails via drag-and-drop attachment functionality, or you can use the Outlook Viewpoint add-in. Once emails are added to the system, you can search for them using email-specific information in DM Attachment Index Search.

Note: Outlook integration is available only with 32-bit versions of Outlook 2007, 2010, and 2013.

When you have installed the Outlook Viewpoint add-in, you can:

  • Assign indexes to email documents in Outlook and send them directly to Vista™ by Viewpoint. This does not require your Vista software client to be open.

  • Use the email integration feature in the Pre-Construction and Project Management modules. See Overview: Email Integration for information on PC module email integration, or see the Product Management Project Management: Overview for information on PM module email integration.

When you bring emails into Vista (either through the attachment process, drag-and-drop, or via Outlook integration), the email is stored as an .msg file. Any email attachments are also brought in — the system breaks them out as separate attachments, but with the same indexing as the email. Additionally, if you are storing attachments in a database, and you have enabled full text searching, the system will search for attachments using the text contained in an attachment (including both the email attachment and any of its original attachments).

Note: If any email attachments were brought in using a V6 version earlier than 6.3.0, those email attachments were stored, but were not indexed and are not searchable. To update these emails, use DM Email Attachment Update.

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