Document Review Process

The DM module allows you to set up a document review process.

Using this process, you can create review status codes, assign reviewers as you add documents to the system, reviewers can apply review status codes to documents, and a manager can monitor the review process.

The following instructions provide an overview of the document review process and the forms involved.

  1. Set up all applicable review status codes in DM Document Routing Status. For more information, see Creating Document Routing Status Codes.
  2. When adding documents to the system with the DM Attachments/DM Stand Alone Attachments form, assign a reviewer using the Routing tab. For more information, see Assigning Reviewers to Documents.
    Note: When you associate a reviewer with the document, the system automatically sends the reviewer an email based on their preferences in VA User Profile.
  3. Reviewers will use DM Document Review to update the review status for all of their assigned documents. For more information, see Reviewing Documents.
  4. Managers can use DM Document Review Manage to track the review process. For more information, see Checking the Document Review Status.