Assigning Reviewers to Documents

If you have a document review/approval process, you can assign a reviewer to a document when you add it to the system.

When you add reviewers to a document, they will receive an email and will be able to review the document using the DM Document Review form.

You can assign reviewers to documents using the DM Document Routing form, which is accessed from the Routing related grid tab on the Attachments/Stand Alone Documents form; by clicking View Routing on either the DM Document Review or DM Document Review Manage forms; or by clicking Document Routing on the DM Attachment Index Search form.

Tip: To access the Routing tab on the Attachments/Stand Alone Documents form, users must be granted access to DM Document Routing in VA Form Security.
Note: Any user can add or delete reviewers for a document. If you want to control who can add/delete reviewers for a document, restrict access to this form or set record permissions using VA Form Security.

The following details how to assigning reviewers to documents using the DM Document Routing form.

  1. Enter the reviewer's name in the Reviewer field. Press F4 for a list of reviewers/users.
    Note: You can only assign reviewers with a Vista user login.
  2. Enter any instructions for the reviewer in the Instructions field.
  3. Save the record as normal.
The system defaults the beginning status in the Status field, as well as additional information in the Status Date, Date Added, and Added By fields.
  4. Repeats steps 4-6 to add additional reviewers to the document.
  5. At any time, you can click View Attachment to view the document in its default viewer or by using the DM Document Viewer (it enabled in DM Attachment Options).