About Adding Documents

There are three ways to add documents to the Vista™ by Viewpoint system: scanning, drag and drop, and by using the DM Attachment Detail form.

  • Scanning - This option is available only if you have purchased scanning functionality for the Document Management (DM) module. The system allows you to scan individual documents into the system or scan multiple documents into a scan batch. For more information see Scanning and Attaching Single Documents to Data Records or Scanning Multiple Documents.

  • Drag and Drop - You can drag and drop documents directly onto forms in the application. When you drag and drop, the system will attach the document to the current record being displayed on the form. For example, you can drag an email out of MS Outlook and drop it onto the PM Request For Information form to attach the email to the RFI record. This feature works only on forms that support attachments.

  • Attachment form - Depending on how you access this form, the system will add the document to the system in a different way. If you access the Attachment form from another form, and use it to add a document, the system will attach the document to the data record currently displayed on the form. For more information, see Attaching Documents to Data Records.

If you select DM Stand Alone Documents from the DM Programs folder, the same form will display, but allows you to add stand alone documents to the system; that is, documents that are not attached to a data record. For more information, see Adding Stand Alone Documents.