Attachment Form/DM Stand Alone Documents

This form is the central location where you can interact with documents that you have stored in Vista.

You can access this form in several ways:

  • Attachment button on a form - Click the Attachment button in the main toolbar at the top of a form to view, remove, or add attachments to a data record.

  • Attachment icon above the grid on the PM and SM Work Centers. Just highlight a record in the work center grid and click the Attachments icon to view, remove, or add, attachments to a data record.

  • Select DM Stand Alone Documents from the DM module Programs folder - This option is used to add documents to the system without linking them to a data record (Stand Alone documents).

Note: Attachment functionality is available from most forms. However, users must have access to the form to view, attach, modify, or delete documents. The DM Stand Alone Documents form is not linked to another form and has its own security. It is recommended that you allow full access to DM Stand Alone Documents for your users. For more information on form security, see VA Form Security.

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