About the DM Document Viewer Form

Use this form to view documents within the system.

This viewer displays the following file types: .TIF, .JPG, and .PDF files; the system uses the default viewer for all other file types. Additionally, when you use this viewer, you can add annotations to documents. When you add annotations, the system stores the annotations separately from the original copy.

To enable use of this form, you must check the Use Viewpoint Viewer box in DM Attachment Options. If you do not check this box, the system uses the default viewer for the attached document, and you will be unable to add annotations to documents. When you view documents in their default viewers, annotations are not visible.

Note: The viewer displays a snapshot version of PDF files; however, the system attaches a copy of the original files to the form. Because this viewer uses a snapshot, and not the actual PDF file, the display resolution may not be ideal. Use the PDF Viewer Resolution field in DM Attachment Options to adjust the default resolution. For more information, see Setting Document Viewing Options.

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