Set up Scanning Functionality

Before you can scan documents into the system, there are a few things you must do.

  1. Activate scanning. If it's not already activated, please contact your Viewpoint customer rep.
    A Viewpoint representative completes this step when you have purchased scanning functionality for the Document Management (DM) module. Optionally, a representative of a third-party scanning supplier may complete this step.
  2. Set up a document storage location. For more information, see Document Management Storage Options.
  3. Set the scanning file format in the DM Attachment Options form.
    Documents that you scan into the system can be in either TIF or PDF format. Select the appropriate radio button in the Scanning File Format section of the form.
    Note: Multiple page documents and single page black and white documents are always scanned in TIF or PDF format.

    (Optional) If you want single page color documents to save as JPG files, select the Use .JPG files for single page color documents checkbox. For more information, see File Sizes of Scanned Documents.

  4. Select a TWAIN source.

    Install the drivers for your scanner; consult your scanner documentation for proper procedures. Attach the scanner to your PC. Check the device manager (Programs > Control Panel > Devices and Printers) to ensure that the device is listed under Scanners. If nothing is listed, then the scanner is not installed in Windows. The device may be listed as a an "unknown device." This may occur if the TWAIN driver is not properly installed. It can occur if the USB scanner was plugged in prior to installing the drivers. If this is the case, consult the scanner documentation for proper procedure and removing the scanned and properly installing the drivers. It may be necessary to do a complete reinstall to get your scanner to work on a particular machine.

Once these steps are completed, you can proceed to scanning documents into the system.