Search for and View Documents in DM

You can use the DM Attachment Index Search form to locate and view documents in the system.

You can access this form from the DM Programs folder on the Main Menu or by clicking the Search button on the Attachment/Stand Alone Documents form's toolbar.

To search for documents:

Note: To restrict search results to specific companies, restrict the bHQCO datatype for the HQAT table. For more information, see Setting Datatype Security.
  1. Open the DM Attachment Index Search form.
  2. Filter the search for documents:
    • To filter for specific documents, enter information into any of the fields on the tabs in the upper portion of the form.

    • To filter by document state, select the check boxes in the Include section of the form: Attached, Stand Alone, and/or Deleted.

    • If full text searching is enabled, to have the system search for a documents with specific text, enter text in the Keyword field. For more information, see About Full Text Searches to Locate Documents.

  3. Click Search.
The documents that match the criteria will display in the Results grid at the bottom section of the form. If not enough filters have been applied, the search will return too many documents, and the system may run out of memory.
  4. If desired, organize the records in the Results grid. For more information, see Organizing Document Search Results.
  5. To view a document, select it in the Results grid and click Show Attachment. The system will display the document in its default program, or in the DM Document Viewer. You can also double-click the record in the Results grid to display the document.