Creating an Index

When adding documents to the system and attaching them to data records, the system automatically applies an index to the attached document.

You can add additional index sequences to a document (regardless of the document state), to help tailor your document searches to your specific needs.

Use the DM Attachment Index form to create additional indexes for your documents. The form can be accessed in two different ways: from the Attachment/Stand Alone Documents form or through the DM Attachment Index Search form. The following instructions detail how to access the form, as well as how to use it to create additional indexes.

  1. If you are on the Attachment/Stand Alone Document form, select the Index tab. Double-click the body of the tab to display the DM Attachment Index form.

    If you have located the document by searching for it using the DM Attachment Index Search form, select the document record in the Results grid and click View Indexes to display the DM Attachment Index form.

  2. Click the New Record button () on the toolbar to create a new index sequence or enter New, N, or + in the Index Seq field.
  3. Enter index values into all applicable fields. Press F4 from most of the fields to see a list of items or you can enter your own custom value into the field, provided it meets the input parameters of the field. There is no default validation set for the fields on this form. For more information on a specific field, press F1 from the field.
  4. Save the record as normal.